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James W. Sewall


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Corporate Overview

Founded in 1880, Sewall provides integrated engineering and forestry consulting services with attendant geospatial capabilities to clients in government and industry. Our diverse portfolio is based on 138 years’ experience in forestry, surveying and civil engineering; 70 years’ in aerial mapping; and 35 years’ in GIS and application development.  In the last 15 years, our offerings have expanded to include services in environmental engineering, renewable energy, and web-based technologies.

Sewall is organized to share resources and technologies across company areas for the delivery of higher-value customer solutions. Few companies in our markets have both the breadth of services and the structure to combine them in ways that meet specific client needs. Our ability to coordinate and collaborate in the service of these needs is an advantage to us and to our clients, who partner with Sewall again and again. Currently Sewall has projects under way for more than 400 organizations, 70 percent of which are repeat or long-term clients.

A client-focused firm, Sewall is committed to understanding client needs and business drivers and the needs of client constituencies. Our core services in engineering and natural resources with respective geospatial capabilities can be integrated in any combination to further client success:

  • Engineering. Civil, environmental, and traffic engineering; utilities infrastructure mapping and asset management; and surveying services
  • Natural Resources. Appraisal and inventory; forest management, management planning, and modeling; and natural resources mapping and information systems

Embedded in these core services, we offer:

  • Geospatial Solutions. Geospatial data acquisition and development, GIS development, mapping and applications, and web services

A privately held firm under management ownership, Sewall continues to grow to meet our clients’ evolving needs. We currently have eight offices nationwide, 70+ staff, and ever broadening capabilities. Our headquarters are located at 136 Center Street, Old Town, Maine 04468; telephone: 207 827 4456.

Sewall manages approximately 1,000 projects a year, ranging in size from a few hundred dollars to several just shy of a million.  We perform project work in 14 countries on 5 continents, and in 40 states and most of the provinces of Canada.  Our clients range from smaller local municipalities and firms to some of the largest cities and retail organizations in the country.  We service public, private, governmental and non-profit organizations.


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