Sewall history from 1880

James W. Sewall and brother Joseph establish James W. Sewall Company in Old Town, Maine, to provide engineering, forestry, and surveying services

Sewall history from 1900-1949

James W. Sewall, Jr., registers company with the State of Maine in 1910

Joseph Sewall incorporates the company in 1946 and purchases first company airplane, aerial camera, and stereoplotter for photogrammetric mapping

Sewall flies first aerial mission for Bangor Hydro in 1948

Sewall history from 1950-1989

Sewall develops municipal parcel maps from aerial photography during the 1950s

In the 1970s, Sewall installs a mainframe for photogrammetric mapping and implements a computerized database system to produce digital forest covertype

Ten years later, Sewall expands to include automated mapping/facilities management for utilities

Sewall history from 1990-1999
Sewall history from 1990-1999

Sewall is funded by NASA to adapt digital camera system for mapping pipeline ROWs and develops software applications for pipeline integrity management

Sewall partners with NOAA and private firms to develop digital charts to aid navigation

In 1997, Sewall incorporates photogrammetric-quality scanning and digital imaging processing. Sewall passes benchmark of 1 million aerial images captured

Sewall history from 2000-present
Sewall history from 2000-2009

Sewall acquires four companies--Park Aerial Surveys of Kentucky, Weiler Mapping of New York, Surry Engineering of Maine, and Forest Technology Group of South Carolina—and opens a forest appraisal and forestry consulting office in North Carolina

Sewall expands aerial services throughout the South, appraises lands in Australia, New Zealand, Cone of South America, and offers new solutions in traffic engineering and web-based GIS

Dr. James H. Page and David T. Edson, LPF, purchase Sewall in 2001, moving the firm from family to management ownership. The company reorganizes in 2008 to provide integrated multi-disciplinary customer solutions

Sewall passes benchmark of 2000 towns mapped nationwide and enters health and renewable energy markets

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