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James W. Sewall



Culture & Community

Sewall has a collaborative culture based on a history of ethical business practice, professional objectivity, and a commitment to quality. On external surveys, our longest-term clients identify quality and accuracy of the work product as distinctly Sewall strengths. The best thing about Sewall, however, why clients return to Sewall again and again, is our people and the quality of the working relationship. Sewall people are highly knowledgeable in their fields, hard working, and honest. Business relationships are built on confidence and mutual trust.

Inside Sewall, employees rate the value of their work very high on annual surveys. They enjoy working on challenging, meaningful projects that cross disciplines and are proud to be a part of high-growth, dynamic industries that contribute to society. The best thing about working at Sewall, however, is again our people, their intelligence, curiosity, and collaborative spirit. Sewall is a life-style company and, for many, working at Sewall is a life’s work.

Our work community is very much engaged in the greater community beyond Sewall, and our people balance their work in multiple ways. On a corporate level, Sewall sponsors Eastern Maine Health Systems charities, the American Heart Association, the NAACP, and the American Folk Festival. Employees have the benefit of a workplace giving program including MaineShare and the United Way to which they can contribute through payroll deduction. Sewall also sponsors academic scholarships at Maine Maritime Academy and many local academic and recreational activities, in addition to contributing to arts and other worthy organizations. Individually many staff teach at local schools and universities and serve on boards for industry organizations and local nonprofits. Sewall's employee-led Wellness Action Program (SWAP) is working to foster healthier life-styles for employees and their families.


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Sewall Wellness Action Program (SWAP) (PDF)


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