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ConnectME Authority releases strategic plan for broadband

The ConnectME Authority recently announced the release of Developing Broadband in Maine: Strategic Plan.  Developed in collaboration with James W. Sewall Company, the Plan identifies strategies and makes recommendations for increasing Maine broadband availability and adoption, and for reducing barriers to adoption. It identifies six areas of focus for organizing Authority efforts: Work to increase broadband adoption in homes statewide by launching sustained public awareness campaigns...

Timber company using 3D technology to locate important forest habitats

Greenville - Hidden within Plum Creek timber company's Moosehead Lake Region Conservation Easement is an unknown number of water masses called vernal pools. Plum Creek wildlife biologist Henning Stabins said, "[A vernal pool] is only temporary. It is there perhaps through mid-summer and then dries up and importantly, it does not have any fish and therefore all the amphibians, the frogs and the salamanders that breed in that pool, can breed successfully without the predatory fish." These...

Sewall Senior Environmental Scientist Chester Bigelow III, PWS, is appointed President of Society of Wetland Scientists, New England Chapter

The Society of Wetland Scientists (SWS) has appointed Sewall professional wetland scientist Chester Bigelow as President of the New England Chapter. An international organization with 3,500 members, the SWS is dedicated to fostering sound wetland science, education, and resource management. The New England Chapter is a forum for advancing wetlands conservation, research, and educational outreach within the New England states. Mr. Bigelow brings to this appointment 29 years' experience in...

Sierra Club, Sewall and Greenleaf Advisors launch SmartSiting project in Great Lakes

The Sierra Club, James W. Sewall Company, and Greenleaf Advisors are building a team of stakeholders to develop a regional web-based GIS for siting wind energy projects in the Great Lakes. The proposed online system, the first wind siting tool of its kind in the US, will provide developers, regulators, government officials, NGOs, landowners and other organizations with high-value environmental and ecospatial information for use in identifying offshore project sites and evaluating the...

David T. Edson, LPF, takes reins as Sewall President/CEO

James W. Sewall Company, an international professional consulting organization specializing in energy, infrastructure and natural resources, announces today the appointment of David T. Edson, LPF, as President/CEO. He replaces former CEO Dr. James H. Page, who is leaving Sewall to become Chancellor of the University of Maine System. Mr. Edson has dedicated his professional career to Sewall in leadership roles as President, Executive Vice-President, Chief of Operations, and Vice President of...

Maine Forest Service: Hardwood inventory forecast predicts opportunities, challenges. Analysis prepared by James W. Sewall Company

A new report prepared by an Old Town natural-resource consulting firm for the Maine Forest Service, under the Maine Department of Conservation, has determined that Maine's hardwood inventory is at a near-record high. The analysis, prepared by James W. Sewall Co., indicates that the hardwood inventory, at 351 million tons, is 16.6 percent higher than in 1995, with growth exceeding harvests on a statewide basis by 6 percent. This growth has occurred at a time when pulp and paper mills...

Mississippi counties collaborate on costs of coastal imagery project

Six counties in southern Mississippi have launched a cost-savings project to capture the first comprehensive post-Katrina imagery of the Mississippi coastal region. In an innovative inter-local process, Harrison, Hancock, Jackson, George, Stone, and Pearl River counties have teamed together with the Mississippi Department of Transportation, the Department of Environmental Quality, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) through the Northern Gulf Institute to develop...

ConnectME Authority launches dynamic broadband mapping website. Includes static map gallery by Sewall

Today, the ConnectME Authority announced the launch of the State of Maine's dynamic broadband mapping website available at: The web site features an interactive broadband map of Maine, a static broadband map gallery, and a broadband connection speed test for recording broadband user speeds. More

Recession: Sewall Co. adapts to changing economic times

Sewall President Dave Edson, LPF, interviews with Forestry Source on the recession and how it has affected the company. More

Forestry Tasmania sells its stake in softwood plantations. Valuation provided by independent expert James W. Sewall Company

Sewall Forestry & Natural Resources has been providing valuation work for Forestry Tasmania (FT) for several years.  One of its projects has been to appraise periodically a softwood joint venture between FT and GMO Renewable Resources, which was recently sold to New Forests, another Sewall client. More about the transaction and Sewall's role in it.

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