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James W. Sewall


Archive: February 2012

ConnectME Authority launches dynamic broadband mapping website. Includes static map gallery by Sewall

Today, the ConnectME Authority announced the launch of the State of Maine's dynamic broadband mapping website available at: The web site features an interactive broadband map of Maine, a static broadband map gallery, and a broadband connection speed test for recording broadband user speeds. More

Mississippi counties collaborate on costs of coastal imagery project

Six counties in southern Mississippi have launched a cost-savings project to capture the first comprehensive post-Katrina imagery of the Mississippi coastal region. In an innovative inter-local process, Harrison, Hancock, Jackson, George, Stone, and Pearl River counties have teamed together with the Mississippi Department of Transportation, the Department of Environmental Quality, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) through the Northern Gulf Institute to develop...


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