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James W. Sewall


Archive: June 2012

Timber company using 3D technology to locate important forest habitats

Greenville - Hidden within Plum Creek timber company's Moosehead Lake Region Conservation Easement is an unknown number of water masses called vernal pools. Plum Creek wildlife biologist Henning Stabins said, "[A vernal pool] is only temporary. It is there perhaps through mid-summer and then dries up and importantly, it does not have any fish and therefore all the amphibians, the frogs and the salamanders that breed in that pool, can breed successfully without the predatory fish." These...

ConnectME Authority releases strategic plan for broadband

The ConnectME Authority recently announced the release of Developing Broadband in Maine: Strategic Plan.  Developed in collaboration with James W. Sewall Company, the Plan identifies strategies and makes recommendations for increasing Maine broadband availability and adoption, and for reducing barriers to adoption. It identifies six areas of focus for organizing Authority efforts: Work to increase broadband adoption in homes statewide by launching sustained public awareness campaigns...


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