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James W. Sewall


Archive: February 2015

Success stories to learn from. Business advice from six ACF members. Sewall Vice President Bret P. Vicary, ACF is profiled in The Consultant

Bret Vicary describes himself as “green as a cucumber” when he launched into consulting forestry nearly 40 years ago. He barely managed to survive while he drew up management plans for landowners, did logging, even selling firewood and using his talents as a musician to make a little extra cash. More

Licensing tree appraisers. Bret Vicary, ACF, Ph.D., MAI, publishes article in The Consultant

Should individuals who appraise trees be subject to licensing requirements imposed by state regulatory agencies? There is reason to believe that this very issue may be examined by the Personal Property Resource Panel (PPRP) of the Appraisal Foundation (which publishes USPAP—the Uniform Standards for Professional Appraisal Practice).  More 


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