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James W. Sewall


Archive: February 2019

Bret Vicary, PhD, MAI, LPF, and the Guide for Plant Appraisal, 10th Edition. Association of Consulting Foresters Announces Release of 10th Edition of Guide for Plant Appraisal

Sewall Forestry & Natural Resources Consulting LLC President Bret Vicary, Ph.D., MAI, LPF, received special mention in the Fall Association of Consulting Foresters Newsletter, p. 6, as follows: "The new 10th Edition of the Guide for Plant Appraisal by the Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers (CTLA) is now available! The 10th Edition is the most informative and comprehensive alignment of current knowledge of the approaches, processes, and methods of plant valuation. The book is...

Maine Traffic Resources acquired by James W. Sewall Company. Sewall creates traffic engineering powerhouse to aid Maine’s aging infrastructure needs

 James W. Sewall Company (Sewall) announces today that it has acquired Maine Traffic Resources (MTR) and welcomed founder, Diane W. Morabito, P.E., PTOE, as its new Vice President of Traffic Engineering. The addition of this well-known and respected transportation engineering firm to its portfolio will assist Sewall in providing complete traffic engineering services to all levels of government and private clients. MTR/Sewall has already won work on the most innovative and extensive...

Kay Rand Joins James W. Sewall Company board as outside director. Former Chief of Staff for US Senator Angus King to assist legacy Maine engineering company

James W. Sewall Company (Sewall) announces today that Kay Rand has joined the engineering, survey, and natural resource consulting company’s Board of Directors as an outside member, effective January 28, 2019. Sewall recently announced six new hires and the purchase of Maine Traffic Resources to support the legacy company’s ability to help communities and industry face new infrastructure needs as well as deferred maintenance for Maine’s aging infrastructure. Kay comes to...


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