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James W. Sewall


Sewall releases new user interface for GeoPower portal

National GIS firm James W. Sewall Company announces today the release of a new user interface for GeoPower™, Sewall’s innovative enterprise solution for the delivery of GIS mapping, applications, and associated information over the web.

The new interface, developed jointly by Sewall and multimedia design firm Apt Media, dramatically improves the navigability and visual appeal of the GeoPower portal. GeoPower, based on ESRI server technology, provides multiple users with instant web access to geospatial data and applications in a centralized geodatabase. Currently implemented in five client organizations, GeoPower is streamlining the management and delivery of geospatial data across these enterprises and to the public.

“Sewall’s goal for GeoPower,” says Gary E. Mullaney, Sewall Director of Systems Engineering, “is to enable our clients to reach many different audiences with high-quality spatial information in a form that is appropriate and accessible to each. The new user interface advances this goal by incorporating intuitive ease-of-use into the highest standards of graphic design for modern web applications.”

To view a demonstration of the new GeoPower interface, visit:

Founded in 1880, Sewall is an integrated team of geospatial, engineering and natural resource consultants who partner with clients to create practical, sustainable solutions. The company's diverse portfolio is based on 100 years' experience in surveying, forestry consulting, and civil engineering; 60 years' in aerial mapping; and 20 years' in geospatial systems and software. In the last 10 years, Sewall's offerings have expanded to include services in environmental engineering, renewable energy, and web-based technologies. For more information on Sewall GeoPower, please register for a GeoPower webinar at:; or contact: J. Randall Cercopely, Solutions Manager, at 843 224 6953;
Apt Media is an interactive design firm specializing in web sites and application interfaces. Founded in 1988, the company has a diverse national client base from the commercial, nonprofit, and NGO sectors. For more information, contact: Kim Bieler at 301 588 8555; and visit the web site at


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