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ConnectME Authority releases strategic plan for broadband

The ConnectME Authority recently announced the release of Developing Broadband in Maine: Strategic Plan.  Developed in collaboration with James W. Sewall Company, the Plan identifies strategies and makes recommendations for increasing Maine broadband availability and adoption, and for reducing barriers to adoption. It identifies six areas of focus for organizing Authority efforts:

  1. Work to increase broadband adoption in homes statewide by launching sustained public awareness campaigns on the benefits of broadband to the general public.
  2. Work to increase broadband adoption in business statewide by launching sustained public awareness campaigns on the benefits of broadband to businesses.
  3. Work with decision makers of the Health Information Technology (HIT) initiatives and healthcare community to increase broadband use to improve the efficiency and quality of healthcare and health outcomes.
  4. Support educational and library organizations in their efforts to expand the availability and use of higher-tiered broadband services.
  5. Support e-government efforts to facilitate citizen engagement through increased broadband use.
  6. Promote the expansion of higher-tiered broadband services to encourage use and investment, and to foster competition in the marketplace in order to lower costs.

The Plan is based on data drawn from the Authority's comprehensive Needs Assessment, published June 2011. These data will serve as comparative baseline indices for measuring broadband availability and adoption annually through 2014.

About the ConnectME Authority: The ConnectME Authority is charged with increasing broadband availability to Maine residents, businesses, and community anchor institutions, and with raising awareness of broadband benefits to Maine education, health and economic prosperity. For more information, contact Phil Lindley, Executive Director, at 207-624-9970, and visit

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