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James W. Sewall


Rockland County, NY, streamlines storm response. An article in GeoInformatics on Sewall's interactive online mapping tool by Gary Mullaney, Senior Consultant, and Lisa Schoonmaker, Director of Marketing and Communications

Hurricane Sandy, a post-tropical cyclone of unprecedented ferocity, made landfall in the US near Atlantic City, New Jersey, on October 29, 2012. Merging with a frontal system from the west, Sandy delivered 70+-mile-per-hour winds and a storm surge that flooded major cities and flattened coastal communities. As the storm approached the eastern seaboard, Rockland County, a Hudson River community 15 miles northwest of New York City, declared a state of emergency, activating the County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and alerting residents to the impending high winds, rain and tidal surge from the river. At this time, emergency personnel on the ground and in the EOC readied to test a newly deployed map-based tool that was to streamline emergency communications and response in the hours and days to come. More


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