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James W. Sewall


Treadwell Franklin Infrastructure Acquires James W. Sewall Company of Old Town, Maine

Treadwell Franklin Infrastructure Capital LLC (TFIC) announced today it has acquired 100% of the shareholder ownership interest of James W. Sewall Company (Sewall), of Old Town, Maine.

“We are very pleased and excited to complete this transaction with Sewall Company,” says Stephen Rigal Jones, President and CEO of TFIC.  “We each have benefitted from our working relationship on multiple project efforts and we view this business combination as transformational for both firms.”

TFIC and Sewall have worked over several years on a variety of infrastructure, energy and environmental projects, with TFIC providing commercial and financial structuring capabilities, and Sewall delivering technical and specialized engineering/design services.

George N. Campbell Jr., Advisory Board Chairman of TFIC, was named President of Sewall on May 1, concurrent with the acquisition.  “Sewall’s long, impressive history as an important Maine company, and its skill in engineering, design and geospatial mapping are a perfect complement to the young dynamic energy and acumen of TFIC,” cites Campbell.

Andrew Nelson, Executive Vice President of TFIC, was named Chairman/CEO of Sewall.

TFIC intends to leverage the technical resources of Sewall by “tilting toward infrastructure,” especially in its development projects in transportation, energy, water/wastewater, social infrastructure, and a special effort around sustainable coastal structures and bridge maintenance.  Consistent with TFIC’s focus on commercially sound peripheral and ancillary infrastructure assets, Sewall’s environmental and geospatial capabilities are especially valuable.

TFIC will segregate Sewall’s forestry practice into a separate subsidiary to maximize value through recognition of the Forestry and Natural Resource unit’s differentiated business model.  (A separate release will accompany that transaction.)

Through this acquisition, TFIC also gains control of, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation created for research and development of projects and technologies in environmental and energy sectors.

TFIC also intends to expand Sewall’s geographic footprint, and to co-locate key professionals and new staff with TFIC in their offices in Portland Maine. The Sewall name is retained, and its current clients will continue to receive quality services.  

Obtaining minority and controlling interests in specialized operating companies that support TFIC’s development business, is a key part of TFIC’s strategy and thesis.


Treadwell Franklin Infrastructure Capital LLC is a Delaware Limited Liability Company, founded in 2015, with headquarters in New York, NY, and Portland, ME. TFIC is engaged as an advisor and developer of focused investment opportunities in the constitutive infrastructure sector.  TFIC is privately wholly owned and managed by its partner-members. 


James W. Sewall Company is a 138-year-old engineering design, survey, geospatial and forestry/natural resources firm based in Old Town, ME, and with offices in Georgia, South Carolina, and Minnesota.  Sewall employs approximately 57 full time professionals and support staff, and has been family- or employee/management owned for its entire history.


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