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James W. Sewall


James W. Sewall Company adds to Maine workforce with four new hires. Legacy engineering and forestry consulting firm adds engineers and surveyor

James W. Sewall Company announced today that it has recruited three new engineers and a surveyor to enhance the company’s ability to serve its clients and projects. The four new hires join Charles Nadeau, who was announced last week as the company’s new CFO, as the latest additions to the Old Town-based company. The new employees come on board less than a year after Sewall was purchased by Treadwell Franklin Infrastructure, which is working to grow the nearly 140-year old company under new ownership.

“When Treadwell Franklin Infrastructure invested in Sewall, it was not just an investment in a premiere, professional company with a good name and reputation behind it,” said Sewall President George Campbell. “It was also an investment in an extremely talented team with an incredible amount of knowledge, skills, and versatility. These new hires add to that existing talent pool, setting up Sewall for a very bright future both in the short term and the long term.”

Matthew Dieterich has joined the firm as Executive Vice President, bringing over 27 years’ experience in program, asset, and development management. With a Master of Science degree in civil engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, he specializes in construction management and private management development, and also oversees the geospatial operations division of Sewall. His previous experience includes providing capital program support for the Trust for the National Mall in Washington, DC, and overseeing construction management services for the National Park Service including the rehabilitation of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool and the repair of earthquake damage to the Washington Monument.  

Lynn Frazier, PE, PTOE, is a Certified Professional Traffic Operations Engineer licensed in six states. She joined the Sewall team as Senior Traffic Engineer with 12 years’ experience in intersection and roadway operational analysis, roadway design, striping, signing, and safety analysis.  Her areas of specialization include traffic signal phasing and timing, traffic impact evaluation, roadway and intersection design and 3D traffic modeling. Previously, Lynn worked as the New England Regional Traffic Group Manager at The Louis Berger Group, Inc., and as a transportation engineer at HNTB. She has also served as the Maine president of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

Heather Hayes, PE, joined Sewall as a structural engineer specializing in bridge and pier design, adaptive signal control technology design, and preparation of design-build specifications. Before joining Sewall, Heather worked for five years as a structural engineer at The Louis Berger Group, Inc., in Portland, Maine. Projects included field verification and rating of 12 concrete bridges and 20 steel superstructures statewide for the Maine Department of Transportation. Previously, as a Graduate Research Assistant at the Advanced Structures and Composites Center located at the University of Maine, she worked with Dr. Habib Dagher and used specifications to design and test connections for concrete filled FRP tubes, known as Bridge in a BackpackTM.  Using her research, Heather designed a splice that allows for doubling the bridge span.

Winston Sinclair has joined Sewall’s survey team as a field technician. He has over 20 years’ survey experience in Maine, and rejoins colleague John Allen, PLS, Director of Survey, with whom he worked in years past. Winston holds a BS degree in forestry from the University of Maine. Most recently, he acted as crew chief and performed survey tech work for Sacket & Brake, and before that time, as the principal assistant/survey technician for Ken Muir & Associates, and survey technician for The Ames Corporation. He also brings a perspective gleaned from several years’ experience in the earthwork and utility construction industry, both as the foreman/superintendent at Haley Construction, and as a grade foreman at Vaughn Thibodeau & Sons.

Sewall President George Campbell, says, “This team of extraordinary individuals will augment the strength of Sewall’s engineering division led by Brett Hart, PE, who has recently been promoted to Vice President of Engineering. In addition to serving our existing clients, the engineering team will contribute its skills to new owner Treadwell Franklin Infrastructure Capital’s (TFIC’s) projects as it sponsors and develops US commercial infrastructure for the transportation, municipal, state, university, and health care sectors.“

About Sewall:
James W. Sewall Company (Sewall) is a multi-disciplined consulting firm providing services to government, energy and utilities, and the forest industry. Founded in 1880, Sewall is comprised of professional engineers, surveyors, natural resource consultants, and geospatial and information consultants and technologists. Sewall’s owner, Treadwell Franklin Infrastructure Capital LLC (TFIC), is an integrated infrastructure business that focuses on developing and sponsoring the commercial infrastructure of the United States. It is a fundless sponsor - an originator and servicer - of infrastructure investments for private equity, family office, and institutional investors.


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