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First Wind deploys Sewall’s ATLAS Enterprise GIS Viewer/Publisher

National GIS firm James W. Sewall Company announced today that First Wind of Newton, Massachusetts, has launched Sewall’s ATLAS Enterprise GIS Viewer and Publishing system. ATLAS, an innovative browser-based GIS solution, enables GIS staff to publish a wide variety of spatial data company-wide via a fast, intuitive, and interactive mapping application built on the Google Maps Enterprise API. High-value environmental and ecospatial information for siting wind projects is now readily...

ConnectME Authority moves forward with broadband mapping and planning

In January of this year, the ConnectME Authority received nearly $1.8 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding from the Department of Commerce, National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) to pursue a broadband mapping and planning project, creating the first comprehensive geographic inventory of high-speed Internet services statewide for use in identifying unserved and underserved areas and in planning expansion throughout the State. The grant funds...

Sewall releases VirtualAsset Online for managing municipal assets

James W. Sewall Company announces today the release of VirtualAsset Online™, an innovative, software-as-a-service solution for managing municipal infrastructure assets. With VirtualAsset Online, municipal utilities and public works departments can access the complete suite of CartêGraph asset maintenance management software over the web for a fraction of the cost it takes to install, operate, and maintain the software and support systems inhouse. VirtualAsset Online, which...

By air and ground. Aerial mapping to maximize profits on wind farm projects

As the demand for renewable energy increases worldwide, wind energy companies are challenged to develop clean, reliable sources of wind power with maximum profitability. Developers recognize the enormous opportunity that exists in the northeastern United States, particularly in the state of Maine, which leads New England in new wind farm construction. Maine’s mountains offer abundant wind resources, proximity to transmission lines, and low population density. Read more

Steward for success. Old Town's Jim Page is driven to succeed

Old Town's Jim Page is driven to succeed. For the past 13 years, the unassuming leader has rolled up his sleeves and gotten down to business, guiding his famiy's company beyond the Maine border. Read more

Old Town firm to design trails in Millinocket

An Old Town company will design and oversee the creation of a $625,000 walking and biking trail along Millinocket Stream slated for completion by November. Read more

Governor Baldacci announces creation of statewide map to support broadband development

(Augusta, Maine—13 October 2009) Governor John Baldacci today announced the launch of a project to create the first comprehensive geographic inventory of high-speed Internet services statewide for use in identifying unserved and underserved areas and in planning expansion throughout the State. The project will lay the foundation for administering future State public- and private-sector grants for broadband, creating unprecedented opportunities for broadband service providers (SPs), the...

Sewall launches new webinar series on geospatial solutions

James W. Sewall Company is pleased to announce the launch of Sewall Webinars, a series of interactive web-based seminars on geospatial solutions for government, utilities, and the natural resource industry.The first scheduled webinar is GeoPowerTM for Municipalities: Online Technology for Shared Services & Cost Savings. Presenter Gary Mullaney, Sewall Director of Systems Engineering, will introduce the GeoPower portal, a web-based system that provides municipal mapping, data maintenance...

Sewall monitors five impaired urban streams

(Old Town, Maine-17 June 2009) The City of Bangor last week launched a two-year project to monitor the flow of five local streams defined as impaired by the Maine DEP-Penjajawoc Stream, Birch Stream, Arctic Brook, Capehart Brook and Shaw Brook. The project, part of Bangor's long-term initiative to improve water quality, is a critical first step to controlling stream contamination from stormwater runoff. To assist the City, environmental engineers at James W. Sewall Company are now tracking...

Joseph H. Osborne joins Sewall as Utilities Solutions Manager

James W. Sewall Company is pleased to announce the appointment of Joseph H. Osborne as Utilities Solutions Manager. A consultative sales professional, Mr. Osborne brings twenty years of experience in GIS and related technology solutions for government and the utilities industry. At Sewall, he will play a strategic role in expanding the firm's traditional client base in utilities, including gas and electric distribution/transmission, water/wastewater and telecommunications.  Mr. Osborne...

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