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We are very excited about the release of this new platform because we believe it allows us to better serve our residents by providing them direct access to a wealth of information whenever they want it. We expect to reap great benefits from the standardization, centralization and flexibility of the platform. These benefits result in cost savings for the County, improvements in personnel efficiencies and improved services to the community.
Douglas Schuetz, Director of GIS, Rockland County



Rockland County, New York, GIS Portal

Over 20 years ago, Rockland County conducted one of the first GIS needs assessments in New York. A pioneer in the use of GIS technology in the State, the County subsequently made investments in geospatial data to manage daily activities more efficiently and to respond effectively to such challenges as Hurricane Floyd and West Nile virus. These investments gradually created a burden for the Planning Department, however, which was charged to develop, process and distribute the information in the form of maps, media copies of data files and interactive web-based services. In a data-rich, application poor environment, highly skilled personnel dedicated more time to performing basic, administrative tasks than to the using the data for the higher mission of public service.

In 2007 Sewall approached Rockland County to conduct an informal needs assessment of the County’s GIS operations. A long-term consultant of the County, Sewall proposed developing a web-based portal solution that would centralize the County’s geospatial information, support browser-accessed applications, and automate data and map distribution to customers. Its implementation would also serve as a prototype for other municipalities with similar needs.

The Rockland County GIS Portal was successfully launched in October 2008. Built on the Sewall GeoPower™ platform, an ESRI-based application server, the portal enables users to access geographic information such as parcel information, bus routes, government facilities, parks, points of interest and more via a standard browser and URL and to use interactive map applications, view and download maps, and download digital data upon request. It provides an effective, user-friendly way for citizens, businesses and local governments to access valuable GIS-related resources while making County operations more efficient as well.

Visit the Rockland County GIS Portal.


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