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Hammond Ridge concept

Sewall’s technical capacity, accessibility, and diverse talent were very helpful in addressing the broad range of challenges and opportunities a diverse project and site like ours presented.
Matthew Polstein, Twin Pine Camps, LLC



Twin Pine Camps, LLC, Expansion Project and KTAADN Resorts

Twin Pine Camps, LLC, and Hammond Ridge Development Corporation, LLC, sought to develop a low-impact resort on 1,337 acres near Millinocket Lake, Maine, and to expand on the existing 38-acre camping area on the shores of the lake. The sites, which are contiguous, are situated in an environment of exquisite natural beauty and offer a dramatic view of Mount Katahdin. The challenge was to develop an accurate, current assessment of conditions and physical characteristics that would guide environmentally sensitive plans.

The LLCs, which are under the same ownership, approached Sewall to provide the drawings needed to analyze the site and to assist with the LURC rezone permitting process. The owner chose Sewall based on our reputation as well as our proximity to the site (T1 R8 WELS in Penobscot County).

Working with the owner’s architect and an environmental firm, Sewall developed drawings that indicated roads, wetlands, the lake and other features, proposed site plans, clearing limits, and detail sheets, plus grading, utility, and phosphorous plans, and plan and profile drawings. The drawings were based on a photogrammetric survey Sewall conducted in 2006 and an existing topographic survey plan. Sewall also assisted with the preparation of the LURC Rezone Permit application and prepared the amendment to the LURC Development Permit application for Twin Pine Camps, LLC. Currently Sewall is completing the LURC Development Permit application for the first phase of KTAADN Resorts.

The projects are noteworthy in that they incorporate wise planning, good stewardship of the natural resources, and mindfulness of the environmental impacts. The purpose of this development is to respond to the unmet needs in the community for additional resort accommodations, recreation, forestry, and wildlife enhancements, as well create jobs and services that will be supported by the development.


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