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James W. Sewall


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Products & Services

Sewall provides integrated services in engineering, geospatial, and natural resources consulting to public, private, governmental, and non-profit organizations. In this section of the web site, we provide information according to service area.


Civil, structural, and traffic engineering; utilities infrastructure mapping and asset management; and surveying


Community broadband analysis & strategic planning; network planning, engineering, & project management; cable TV franchise agreement renewal services

Remote Sensing

Over 70 years’ experience in aerial photography and photogrammetric mapping and a legacy in accurate geospatial data

Geospatial Solutions

Innovative solutions in mapping, GIS, and web services

Forestry & Natural Resource Consulting

Appraisal and inventory; forest management, management planning, and modeling; and natural resources mapping and GIS


Geospatial-derived solutions for managing timberland assets


More Info

Sewall products and services (PDF)



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