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James W. Sewall


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Aerial Photography

High-Quality Imagery

Sewall has acquired a reputation for high-quality imagery since the late 1940s, when the company flew its first aerial mission over Bangor, Maine. Since then Sewall has provided a wide range of aerial photography services to both public- and private-sector clients throughout Eastern US and Maritime Canada, the Midwest, Alaska, and the Bahamas. Aircraft are equipped with flight management systems, precision-calibrated aerial cameras, airborne GPS, and inertial measurement unit (IMU) technologies.

Sewall is now utilizing a wide variety of digital sensors from a suite of frame-based sensors to strip sensors. We continue to provide traditional quality analog film and photogrammetric quality scans to our clients utilizing film-based cameras. Sewall is ready to mobilize from airports throughout the US, particularly in the Northeast and Southeast, to capture any multispectral aerial photography for a broad range of digital orthophotography and/or mapping applications that support the needs of our clients. To date, we have captured over 3.3 million aerial photographs and maintain archives of over 1.5 million photographs.


Working closely with industry partners, we also offer our clients LiDAR services and are experienced in processing products for photogrammetric mapping and orthophotography.



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