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Digital Orthophotography

Our high quality is the differentiating feature of Sewall's historical scanning and digital image processing. Sewall was the first company in New England to offer photogrammetric-quality scanning and digital orthophotography over two decades ago.

As technology has evolved, so has orthophotography. Orthoimagery is developed from layers of data collected from the aircraft and ground survey in combination with aerotriangulation and photogrammetric data.

The uses for and deliverables of orthophotography are limitless. With geospatially corrected data and resolutions that can be as low as 3" pixel resolution, the data can be used for a variety of mapping needs.

Orthophotography is a product that can help our clients in the forestry, utility, gas/oil, emergency management, natural resources, and transportation markets meet their solution needs. It can aid in GIS base layer, planimetric mapping, planning, land use, tax mapping, asset management, wetland delineation. and more.

Client input and involvement early in the process is key to our success. Deliverables are in georeferenced formats, uncompressed and compressed, readable in ArcGIS and AutoCAD.


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