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James W. Sewall


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Photogrammetric Mapping

Since the 1950s, Sewall has mapped literally thousands of towns, cities, and counties for government, utilities, and the forest industry. We can photogrammetrically map from archival imagery and/or new digital imagery. To compile planimetric landbase mapping, capture elevation data, and create digital terrain models (DTM/DEMs), our certified photogrammetrists use stereo-photogrammetric methods, controlling the quality of stereo imagery with ABGPS/IMU and survey ground control data, contours through DTM/DEM enhancements, and independent compiler stereomodel inspection.

This mapping provides an accurate landbase for utilities infrastructure, natural resource, volumetric, addressing, tax parcels, and cemetery mapping and for project-related, department-specific, and enterprise-wide GIS. Deliverables are in multiple AutoCAD, ArcGIS (GDB) and Microstation formats to meet specific client needs.


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Director of Sales & Services
Energy Delivery & Telecommunications Systems
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