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Site selection research, environmental assessment and wetland delineation are critical first steps to successful projects in site development, management, and restoration. Identifying site issues early in the land planning process expedites permitting, promotes low-impact site design and development, and protects valuable natural resources. To assist commercial and industrial developers, land management consultants, and owners of public and private lands, Sewall offers environmental site assessment, permitting design, and site development, management planning, and restoration solutions that integrate a broad range of services in engineering, geospatial, and forestry consulting. Sewall brings together professionals from multiple disciplines and perspectives to meet the unique, specific needs of our clients in government and industry.

Integrated Services

Sewall provides the following integrated services, working closely with private- and public-sector land developers, non-governmental interests, and federal, state and local regulators:

  • Site selection research (significant aquifers/endangered species)
  • Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments (ESAs)
  • Permitting assistance (application design, stakeholder facilitation)
  • Wetland delineation, functional assessment, restoration and mitigation
  • Aerial photography, forest covertype and wetlands mapping
  • GIS consulting, systems integration, and application development
  • Watershed management plans; stream and habitat restoration
  • Vernal pool determination
  • Total maximum daily load (TDML) modeling and reports
  • US ACE, state government, and Maine NRPA and LURC permitting
  • Water quality chemical/biological monitoring and water quality studies
  • NEPA environmental assessments and impact statements
  • Forestland appraisal and inventory

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Chester C. Bigelow III, PWS
Senior Environmental Scientist
207 827 4456

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