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James W. Sewall


Mount Katahdin


The oldest surveying firm in Maine, Sewall has conducted boundary surveys and produced topographic mapping for private and commercial landowners, business and government organizations, and utilities since 1880. With rigorous quality standards for project execution and professional staff, Sewall delivers highly accurate products using a range of technologies, from conventional surveying tools to aerial photography and GPS technology.

Boundary Surveys

Accuracy in boundary surveys is a critical component to establishing proof of ownership and to resolving boundary issues. Sewall staff carefully researches deeds and other historical records to identify previously established property lines, easements, or regulatory limitations that affect land use. In the field, our staff uses tools such as total robotic stations and GPS equipment to survey the property, determining parcel metes and bounds, and to establish or recover monuments at all corners. Coordinate data collected in the field are transferred electronically to drafting software for developing property plans or maps. Our technical staff delivers final products in industry-standard formats. Our deliverables include a description of the property, a report of surveyor findings, and the plan, indicating boundary lines, easements, and planimetric features.


Sewall also conducts title surveys that meet the stringent standards of the American Land Title Association and the National Society of Professional Surveyors (ALTA/NSPS). These surveys are generally used for large commercial properties that require title insurance and for some private landholdings.

Topographic Mapping

To generate accurate contours for engineering site layout, route surveys, and utility mapping, Sewall either uses conventional surveying methods or aerial photography, with precision cameras, airborne GPS, and inertial measurement unit (IMU) technologies. For smaller properties, Sewall professional surveyors collect elevation and feature data in the field, process these data, and transfer to CAD software for drafting plans. For larger properties, Sewall flies the project area, establishes horizontal and vertical control, targeting control points in the field, and develops accurate photogrammetric mapping in a variety of formats.

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