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Oil & Gas

Under pressure to meet federal mandates, to preserve pipeline assets, and to protect the public, pipeline operators face a range of technology challenges, from collecting, maintaining, and integrating pipeline data to implementing risk assessment, mitigation, and accident control. Sewall offers innovative and time-tested solutions to managing integrity that balance multiple needs for GIS and asset maintenance consulting, spatial data development, and pipeline software.


  • Business case development
  • Industry analysis/needs assessment
  • System selection and design
  • System implementation planning
  • Operational risk assessments
  • Site development, design, and permitting


  • Aerial imagery and field data acquisition
  • Landbase mapping and digital orthophotography
  • Data conversion and integration
  • Linear referencing
  • Database integration
  • Data quality control


Sewall licenses and maintains an industry-standard suite of software tools for pipeline integrity management and customizes solutions to meet specific client needs:

  • ASGPipelineTM Generation 3.0
    Automated alignment sheet generation (product sheet.pdf)
  • ClassLocatorTM
    Analysis of systems classification using sliding mile calculation (product sheet.pdf)
  • HCACalculatorTM
    Analysis of high consequence impact areas (product sheet.pdf)
  • RiskCalculatorTM
    Relative risk ranking of system threats using Muhlbauer Method (product sheet.pdf)

Users of our software and systems have fast, reliable technical support through Sewall Helpdesk.


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