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Telco data


Sewall offers a broad range of consulting services to help municipalities, regional community organizations, service providers and public safety organizations in expanding the availability of broadband and improving access and visibility to a community or service provider’s underlying infrastructure. Our services include:

Community Broadband Analysis & Strategic Planning

  • Feasibility studies & strategic planning
  • Business planning & financial modeling
  • Community outreach & facilitation
  • Broadband inventory & capabilities assessment
  • Broadband needs assessment & gap analysis
  • Geospatial analysis & broadband mapping
  • Funding research & acquisition support
  • State regulatory support & FCC reporting/filing support (Form 477)

Network Planning, Engineering & Project Management

  • Broadband network planning
  • Broadband network design & engineering
  • Wireless broadband network design & engineering
  • Pole/conduit licensing & make-ready support
  • Project management (network implementation & construction)

Strategic Network Planning

  • Broadband & Telecom market assessment
  • GIS-based market driven demand planning
  • Network expansion & analysis planning
  • Business & financial modeling

Public Safety Support

  • Geospatial solutions for emergency response (E911)
  • Map data development & maintenance
  • Management of Geospatial data for emergency planning & response

Geospatial Solutions

  • Records conversion to GIS (digitize paper maps/drawings/schematics)
  • Landbase development and updating; GPS asset location
  • Integration of critical data sets (parcels, zoning, street centerlines and addresses, ROWs, demographics, topography for cellular line of sight)
  • Work order processing and backlog posting
  • Asset maintenance management applications – systems integration
Telco conversion

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Broadband Analysis & Strategic Planning

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Director of Sales & Services
Energy Delivery & Telecommunications Systems
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