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James W. Sewall


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Forest Management GIS

Sewall assists forest management organizations with the design, development, implementation or improvement of custom in-house solutions based on ESRI's ArcGIS. Sewall's GIS Systems team has in-depth experience with forest management and, as an ESRI partner, with desktop and server enterprise tools. This unique combination of forestry business knowledge and spatial information technology experience enables us to help organizations plan, decide and act using the leading GIS platform in their business processes.

In addition, our forest management clients rely on Sewall hosting services--we provide the GIS server infrastructure so that our clients can focus on their core business. Integral to this process is the development of custom web-based spatial viewers for use across a broad spectrum of users. Our clients realize these benefits:

  • Rapid access to consistent, complete, accurate data
  • Data sharing for collaborative decision making
  • Improved communications organization wide
  • Access to web-based analytical tools
  • Ease in tracking state and privately owned land
  • Reduced staff time on system and data development
  • Reduced need for internal technical support
  • Greater staff focus on core mission of organization
  • Low upfront and lower overall costs

We provide users of our software and systems with fast, reliable technical support through Sewall Helpdesk. Users can access the support center through a toll-free number during East Coast business hours and round the clock via e-mail.

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