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James W. Sewall


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Sewall provides comprehensive consulting services and solutions in forest and natural resources, energy and telecommunications, and environment and sustainable land development with respective geospatial capabilities. It is known internationally for its highly trained and experienced staff, who assist private, public, governmental, and non-profit clients in assessing their needs, and tailoring solutions to fit those needs.

Clients who manage timberland assets rely on Sewall's services for forest management, planning and modeling; appraisals and inventory services; mapping and information systems; aerial and satellite imaging services, and systems design and web hosting services.

Sewall offers a suite of geospatial-derived solutions that include:

  • Near real-time forest inventory analysis
  • Annual harvest verification services
  • Forest cover type mapping
  • Canopy data (automated height class delineation)
  • Wood procurement management systems
  • GIS & data management services
  • Leaf Area Index (LAI)
  • Vegetative change detection analysis
  • Land ownership information services
  • Feedstock & supply chain analysis
  • Due diligence & asset siting

For more information about many of these services, click the following link: Product & Services Documents

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Gary Mullaney
Senior GIS Consultant
843 606 1022

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