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James W. Sewall


Sewall GeoPowerTM

As industry and government invest in geospatial data, more organizations find themselves in a "data rich, application poor environment." Many have acquired current, accurate data, but find that their access and use of this asset limited. Typically ownership of data is dispersed across various departments with little enterprise-wide management. Daily tasks of distributing and publishing maps are often duplicated across the organization, consume valuable GIS staff time, and prevent these professionals from focusing on their core mission.

Sewall GeoPowerTM

Sewall GeoPower is an online communications portal that extends the power of GIS across the organization and into the public sector, streamlining data management and its distribution. GeoPower provides multiple users web-based access to a centralized, authoritative repository of data and a powerful and cost-effective framework for GIS application development. Professional GIS users in-house are able to post applications, such as web GIS viewers, which are connected to the common data set. At the same time, end users, internally and externally, can easily access those applications and data sets through a common web browser.


  • Timely access to consistent, accurate data
  • Data sharing for collaborative decision-making
  • Improved communications across departments
  • Reduced duplication of efforts
  • Distributed web publishing
  • Increased focus on core mission objectives
  • Fast, efficient service to the public

To see GeoPower in action, visit the Rockland County GIS Portal.


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Gary Mullaney
Senior Consultant
843 606 1022

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