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James W. Sewall


Wind energy


The Challenge

During the last five years, the demand for renewable energy resources has increased dramatically, increasing the need for accurate information and analysis on potential available resources, optimal siting, and environmental impacts and benefits. The success of renewable energy development depends on careful preliminary assessment, planning, permitting, site and facilities development, and asset maintenance, with consideration of the multiple interests of engineering and energy firms, landowners, environmental groups, and the public.

Innovative Solutions

Sewall has been in the forefront of both wind and biomass energy development, and offers customized solutions to meet the needs of our private- and public-sector clients.

Wind Energy

Site identification, selection, and design; permitting; and asset maintenance management with GIS

Biomass Energy

Assessing resource availability, optimal locations, and pricing; facilities site design, development, and permitting.




Remote Sensing Solutions (PDF)

Comprehensive Wood Basin Supply Analysis (PDF)


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