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James W. Sewall


Environmental sciences

Sewall works with government, industry and commercial clients to develop innovative solutions to managing water resources and water quality. Integrating staff across multiple disciplines, the group collaborates with our partners in academia, business, government and the nonprofit sector to implement projects in stormwater management, and environmental assessment, planning and permitting. Our aim is to help clients adopt best practices and protocols that not only meet regulatory compliance and reduce liability and costs, but also incorporate the newest and best environmental technologies.

Stormwater Management

Pollutants and nutrients carried by stormwater--intermittant runoff that does not soak into the ground--are recognized as the leading cause of water pollution. Water quality impairments and flooding cost homeowners, business and municipalities millions of dollars in damage each year. Traditional stormwater practices that direct stormwater to streams or into constructed ponds, wetlands, or subsurface-engineered devices are expensive to install and maintain, and often don't do an adequate job of protecting water quality. Our design strategies include low-impact design (LID) methods such as :

  • Reducing or eliminating impervious surfaces that generate stormwater
  • Disconnecting existing impervious surfaces from surface waters
  • Designing low- or no-maintenance stormwater infiltration
  • Using porous pavement to eliminate standing surface water and ice and to reduce costs for road salt

Many communities across the US are addressing the challenges and costs of stormwater management through stormwater utilities, which generate funding through user fees. This is an untapped financial opportunity that is only now beginning to be pursued in New England.

Integrated Services

Working closely with private- and public-sector interests, non-governmental agencies, and federal, state and local regulators, Sewall professional staff provide services to address our clients' water resource needs:

  • Forestland appraisal and inventory
  • Phase I environmental site assessments (ESAs)
  • Aerial photography and forest covertype and mapping
  • GIS consulting, systems integration, and application development
  • Online databases and spatial data management solutions
  • Web services

More Info

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Water/wastewater engineering

Forestry and natural resource consulting

Biomass facility resource assessment

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