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Mill Estate

Industrial & Private Sector

Equity Value—The Challenge and the Opportunity

Privately held land, whether large industrial or small individually owned, has substantial value. Primary wood processing mills generally restructure holdings to capture the standalone value of this land. Individuals, especially as estates are planned and settled, must account for the value that land represents in their portfolio. Preferential or below market valuation is increasingly difficult to defend and overvaluation is illegal.

Integrated Natural Resource Solutions

Sewall has a unique combination of professional services, including airborne imaging and mapping, land survey, environmental engineering, forest inventory and biometrics, due diligence, appraisal, land management consulting, and geospatial solutions via web-based services to:

  • Map the land
  • Accurately measure acreage
  • Estimate timber volumes
  • Design appropriate infrastructure
  • Advise on appraised value and estimate returns
  • Propose management options and audit for compliance
  • Manage the information flow of legacy and dynamic resource data
  • Serve database and information management needs via web-based solutions
  • Objectively report all of the above to appropriate fiduciary

The Benefits

Sewall solutions enable owners and managers to quantify and value assets with:

  • Highest and best use (HBU) determination
  • Accurate data for sound decision making and better planning
  • Objective third party advice
  • Credible, auditable results for private investment/public policy formulation
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Expert land appraisal and natural resource consulting

Remote sensing

Web-based GIS services

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