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James W. Sewall


Medical research


The use of geospatial technology in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease has increased dramatically in recent years. Public health officials, health-care practitioners, and medical researchers are finding that GIS is a powerful tool for identifying environmental, socio-economic and temporal factors that affect personal health. More precise and complete information on these factors results in more effective treatment, increased preventative awareness, and improved patient outcomes.

To assist health organizations and medical professionals in building and maintaining spatial data infrastructures for exposure modeling, time sequencing, and other analyses, Sewall provides these services:

  • GIS consulting, needs assessment and project implementation for public health
  • Spatial data acquisition (address, parcel, demographic, environmental, socio-economic, and political boundary data)
  • Database integration (biologic and geospatial), geocoding, and data QA/QC
  • Web-based delivery of health data and applications
Medical researcher


Geospatial mapping

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Mary McDonald
Project Manager
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