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Restored school


The Challenge

Many of our institutional facilities nationwide—our schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and prisons—are aging and in poor physical condition. Older facilities may lack adequate ventilation and heating, appropriate space for modern practices and technologies, and adaptive upgrades to meet ADA compliance. At the same time, these facilities may be historic community assets, structurally sound and conveniently located within established neighborhoods. To meet a diverse range of community needs, state and local officials must decide whether these facilities can be renovated and maintained to 21st-century standards and at lower cost than rebuilding.

Renovation Solutions

To improve the quality of work, study, and living spaces, Sewall engineers provide renovation services for schools, hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, and other institutions, including:

  • Facility, ADA, and code compliance assessments
  • Renovations for existing or new use of buildings
  • Improvements design and construction administration

The Benefits

Communities that decide to renovate instead of rebuilding:

  • Slow sprawl and contribute to the health and revitalization of core communities
  • Save costs by taking advantage of existing infrastructure
  • Maintain safe, healthy, and productive educational, working, and living environments for its citizens
  • Encourage walking, reducing need for busing
  • Conserve rural lands for rural uses
Restored school


Civil engineering. Creative solutions to complex problems

Structural engineering. Cost-efficient design and assessment

Traffic engineering. Safe, reliable, congestion-free transportation systems

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Matthew Dieterich
Executive Vice President
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