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James W. Sewall


Providence, RI

State Government

The Challenge

Many state agencies and organizations rely on the power of GIS to manage public assets, maintain public health and safety, monitor land ownership and land use, protect the environment, and plan and respond to disasters. GIS enables state officials to improve workflows, to minimize duplication of effort, to analyze information for strategic decision making, and to deliver maps and other data to the public on-line.

In the wake of recent disasters of national significance, more states recognize the critical need to coordinate GIS activities and information statewide, enlisting the participation of academia, non-profit and business organizations, and utilities. This effort, spearheaded by the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) and the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC), is bringing together stakeholders within each state to build statewide spatial data infrastructures (SSDI) that will be used to serve and protect our citizens.

During the next ten years, each state will take responsibility for building coordinating bodies to design and implement the infrastructures and to develop and integrate spatial data and applications in statewide IT enterprise systems accessible over the web. Significant investment in this effort will bring significant positive returns in eliminating waste and duplication in government, improving efficiencies, and saving taxpayers’ money.

Integrated Solutions

Sewall is now assisting state agencies in this important effort, offering strategic GIS planning and implementation solutions:

  • Strategic GIS planning and implementation
  • Stakeholder facilitation
  • Statewide aerial photography and digital orthophotography
  • Data gathering from existing sources (parcel, addresses, census, demographics)
  • Data QA/QC
  • Data and systems integration
  • Photo interpretation, environmental damage assessments, natural resource mapping
  • Addressing and address data maintenance
  • Water and road conflation
  • Application and GeoPower portal development
  • Traffic/transportation GIS (GIS-T)
Niagara Falls border crossing

More Info

Managing geospatial data for homeland security (PDF)

E911: Developing the data

E911: Maintaining the data

E911: Using the data

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