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Engineers & sURVEYORS

The Challenge

To expedite their construction and design projects, engineering and surveying firms need accurate mapping of their project sites quickly and at reasonable cost.

Aerial Mapping Solutions

With competitive pricing, 24-hour estimation, and rapid project turnaround, Sewall supplies current data in a matter of days to meet a wide range of project requirements, from planimetric/topographic mapping to volumetric measurement, infrastructure location, and digital orthophotography. For over 60 years, we have provided our A/E clients with high-quality aerial photography and photogrammetric mapping. One of oldest and largest aerial mapping firms in New England, Sewall has the staff and technologies to provide flexible, fast service at competitive pricing.

The Benefits

  • High quality data. Highly accurate aerial photography, mapping, and digital orthophotography help engineering and surveying firms design, develop, and manage their projects wisely. Our airborne GPS and IMU technology can significantly reduce ground control requirements.
  • Fast Delivery. We offer rapid turnaround on mapping projects, depending upon the date of acceptable survey control and photography.
  • Responsive, Competitive Pricing. Our pricing is based on specified scale, film color, pixel resolution, and contours. For most project areas, we can develop a cost estimate within 24 hours to facilitate project planning or proposal preparation.
  • Reliable Service. We will continue to provide the value that our clients expect. Knowledgeable staff, advanced equipment, and a legacy in accurate data will ensure project success.
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Vice President
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