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Retail & Commercial

The Challenge

To implement profitable projects in a competitive marketplace, retail and commercial developers must plan expansion strategically, identify target segments and optimal business locations, and address the needs and interests of multiple stakeholders, all within regulatory, environment, and budget limitations. Coordinating key players--contractors, local planners and permitting agencies, concerned citizens, and advocacy groups—is crucial to success and often presents the greatest challenge.

Site Design, Development, and Maintenance Solutions

With over 100 years' civil engineering experience, Sewall professional engineers bring a creative solutions approach to complex design and development projects. We know what the major issues are and how to address them upfront, bringing valuable facilitation expertise to stakeholder coordination. As a vendor of choice for several major retail and commercial developers, we integrate the following services in our development solutions:

  • Project planning and fatal flaw analyses
  • Surveying, aerial photography, and topographic/3D mapping
  • Rezoning, land development and environmental permitting
  • Site and storm water treatment design; erosion and sedimentation control planning
  • Utilities design: water, sewer, electric, and gas
  • Road and traffic improvements design; traffic permitting
  • Construction drawings, specifications, and bid packages
  • Construction administration and inspection

Once their facilities are built, our clients need to monitor and maintain them. We assist our clients by implementing and hosting web-based management systems integrated with GIS. These systems are the most efficient means to collect, house, access, analyze, and update information on facility assets, including:

  • Utilities (water, sewer, storm water, electric systems)
  • Pavement (pavement condition and management plans, markings)
  • Signage and traffic signals
Construction oversight

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