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The Challenge

In a competitive, deregulated market, public- and investor-owned electric utilities are challenged to provide more reliable service at lower operating costs. To manage geographically distributed networks; assess potential new markets, new sites, and renewable energy sources; determine environmental impacts; and meet regulatory compliance, utilities require continuous, up-to-date information on the location, operation and maintenance of their assets.

Integrated Solutions

To meet the challenge, more electric utilities are integrating their core business systems with GIS. A centralized system with a consistent, accurate landbase gives utilities the power to manage facilities and to streamline a broad range of company workflow processes from outage and work management to engineering analysis, document management, and customer billing. If the system is hosted over the web, all authorized users—executives, operators, field staff—can quickly access one source for standardized data, maps, and applications. The considerable work efficiencies realized in-house translate to faster outage response and reduced outage durations in the field, lowered restoration costs, and improved public relations and customer satisfaction.

Sewall provides electric system operators with comprehensive services in geospatial data acquisition, development and conversion; systems integration; and web-based GIS to support:

  • Outage management
  • Work order process/workforce automation
  • Asset maintenance & vegetation management
  • Risk analysis, modeling & integrity mangaement
  • Reporting & regulatory compliance (FERC, EPA, FCC)
  • Cost & labor control
  • Building the Smart Grid
  • Permitting ROWs
  • Environmental assessment
  • Grid performance monitoring & analysis

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Geospatial services for electric utilities (PDF)

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Director of Sales & Services
Energy Delivery & Telecommunications Systems
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