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The Challenge

Safe, reliable, congestion-free transportation systems are vital to our economic growth, mobility, and quality of life. Multiple government and private-sector organizations nationwide are now committed to developing and maintaining improved systems, utilizing strategic multimodal planning, modeling, and GIS.

Multimodal Solutions

To assist organizations in achieving their objectives, Sewall provides a range of transportation solutions, including planning, design, development permitting, and construction engineering services. We also specialize in traffic operations engineering and the optimization of existing signals systems to obtain maximum efficiency and enhance system performance.

Private Sector Developers

  • State and local traffic impact analyses and studies
  • Comprehensive state and local traffic permitting services
  • Access road design through mountainous terrain for wind power sites
  • Traffic counts, traffic simulation modeling, signal warrant studies, interior traffic circulation
  • Parking lot, off-site roadway and traffic signal design; construction management; and inspection services

State Government and MPOs

  • Traffic systems optimization and management consulting
  • Traffic simulation modeling
  • Major construction detour route planning with signals optimization
  • Emergency traffic and congestion management
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) consulting, training classes in traffic operations theory, and software applications
  • Traffic signals coordination for commuter corridor management
  • GIS-based systems for transportation planning, traffic and pavement management
  • Long range transportation plans, multimodal corridor studies, facility inventories
  • Planning and design of road and sidewalk projects

Municipalities and Native American Tribes

  • Signal warrant studies
  • Local-option impact fee development and enactment
  • Traffic impact studies to assist planning boards in assessing proposed private developments
  • Planning and design of road, sidewalk and trail projects
  • Traffic engineering peer reviews
  • Traffic counts
  • Long-range transportation plans
  • Comprehensive road and trail inventories, construction management, and inspection services
Traffic simulation

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