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municipal asset management

Aging Utilities—The Problem

Our nation's valuable infrastructure—roads, bridges; water/wastewater treatment facilities; and storm water systems- is aging. What percentage of this network- so vital to our way of life- is in poor condition, deficient, declared unsafe?

Our towns and cities are now challenged by government regulations and a concerned citizenry to act. How can our officials inventory our assets, develop and implement sound maintenance programs, and re-mediate this major problem given tight budgets and limited manpower?

Integrated Utilities Solutions

Sewall helps local governments manage their assets, including water and sewer, storm water, traffic systems, transportation, and facilities, providing integrated full-life-cycle solutions:

  • Asset inventory and mapping
  • GIS/asset management systems
  • Utilities master planning
  • Utilities design and permitting
  • VirtualAsset Online(PDF)

The Benefits

Sewall solutions enable governments to:

  • Track their infrastructure assets
  • Assess maintenance and remediation costs
  • Phase maintenance
  • Invest wisely in improvements
  • Improve public service

More Info

VirtualAsset Online(PDF)

Asset maintenance management systems (PDF)

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Director of Sales & Services
Energy Delivery & Telecommunications Systems
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